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Rat Terrier Puppies for Sale

This strong, muscular breed is known for its short, stocky frame and ears which often stand straight up off of their heads. Rat terrier puppies are extremely energetic dogs and faithful companions. They love to play and will entertain themselves although they like to play with others. Training these terriers is a snap as they are quite obedient and follow directions well.

Since exercise is a key component in keeping Rat Terrier puppies occupied and happy, apartment living may not be the optimal setting for this breed of dog. A home with an enclosed yard is often best as it provides the Rat Terrier with a good outlet for all of its excess energy.
rat terrier puppy posted by ratdogmom$295
rat terrier puppy posted by ehall$400
rat terrier puppy posted by ratty5$300
rat terrier puppy posted by ehall$500