Poodle Puppies for Sale

The Poodle was created in Germany to be used as a water retriever. Hunters designed the stylish "Poodle clip" so that their dogs could move more efficiently through water. They left patches of hair on the body to protect the dogs' joints that were sensitive to cold weather as well as with vital organs. The oldest of the three different types is the Standard Poodle. Miniatures may have been used to hunt truffles. The main purpose of the Toy Poodles was to perform in circuses.

Throughout the years, the Poodle has often been accused of being pretty but dumb. Contrary to this belief, this is an exceptionally intelligent and active breed. They are superior subjects when it comes to obedience training. As they are available in three different sizes; that may be why the Poodle is among the most popular dogs according to the AKC statistics. They come in many solid colors incorporating the black, white, gray and apricot. They are never dual colors.

The Poodle will adjust to mostly all living arrangements regardless of the size. This breed also carries a hypoallergenic coat that can decrease allergic issues. They also need professional grooming on a regular basis. These dogs are quite active and must be exercised daily. While they may be a bit high strung in some instances, they are also affectionate and caring to their human owners. It is that affection that make the Poodle adorable family pets. Peruse these beautiful Poodles in the ads here to find your perfect new family member.

poodle puppy posted by Anna jack$3,200
poodle puppy posted by Anna jack$2,000
poodle puppy posted by Luico Febian$500
poodle puppy posted by Rhonda Wallace$1,300
poodle puppy posted by Rhonda Wallace$1,300
poodle puppy posted by Rhonda Wallace$1,300
poodle puppy posted by Rhonda Wallace$1,200
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