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The Bullmastiff has a rather interesting history, or at least what is known of that history. At some point during 1860, Gameskeepers in England had need of a dog that was able to track quietly while also crossing small distances to catch and hold poachers without harming them. These dogs would be responsible for keeping poachers away from large country estates and game sanctuaries. Breeders chose to use 60 percent Mastiff and 40 percent Bulldog in creating the perfect dog for this. It was hoped that the resulting dog would be more aggressive and faster than the Mastiff yet larger than the Bulldog without being as vicious.

The Bullmastiff of today is powerfully built and very strong. He is highly intelligent and eager to please. These are the qualities that make him an excellent choice for a family companion as well as a protector. Both active and agile in spite of his large size, this breed shows well in obedience, carting, conformation, tracking and agility. They are also used in therapy work. The beautiful coat colors of these dogs may be fawn, brindle or red.

Both confident and fearless, the Bullmastiff is also quiet with a delightfully sweet personality. Natural home guardians, they do not bark a lot because they inherently understand that silence is a virtue when in guard dog mode. This is an independently thinking breed and, therefore, might not respond well to conventional obedience training. As they do not need a lot of grooming or exercise, they can be happy living in an apartment or a house. Could this be the right pet for you?

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