Brittany Puppies for Sale

The Brittany takes its name from the French province where it initiated, but there are no records of the dog's development still around. The similarities among the Brittany and Welsh Springer Spaniel cause lots of people to believe that these two breeds have the same ancestors. There is a possibility that these native Brittanys might have mated with English pointing dogs at approximately 1900. This strengthened their hunting abilities along the way.

The Brittany is medium in size, leggy and a multipurpose dog. They are suited for companionship and sport equally. The AKC Registration numbers, this breed has grown in popularity during the last 50 years because it has hunting and show abilities. They were initially known as the Brittany Spaniel, but that has been abbreviated to simply Brittany now. The reason for this is because their hunting style is very similar to the way pointing breeds hunt. Both alert and happy, these dogs have a willing attitude.

With a dense, wavy or flat coat, they can be found in colors of liver and white and orange and white with roan or clear patterns. This coat requires brushing on a regular basis, but the shorter coats do not need a lot of care. Brittanys are strong, agile and fast, and need regular exercise and activities that will occupy their minds and bodies. They bond quite well to their human owners. Read on to learn more about the Brittanys that we have for sale here.

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