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Originally from England, Bulldogs herded and captured cattle while guarding their owner's property. At one point, they were used in bull baiting until this demanding and gory sport was outlawed in 1835. Following that legal decision, the original species of Bulldog vanished from Britain. In its place, the English Bulldog appeared. This dog was not as athletic but still a prized animal. Immigrants traveling to the American South brought the original Bulldogs with them as workers. The last of World War II saw this English Bulldog disappearing in the United States. They were on the verge of being extinct when Allen Scott and John D. Johnson devised breeding methods to bring them back. It was in 1999 that the United Kennel Club recognized the American Bulldog.

The personality of this breed is one of contradictions. They are powerful, confident and agile which makes them perfect as workers and guard dogs. On the other hand, these fearless dogs are loving, gentle companions to families. You can trust them around children as well as other pets.

The American Bulldog can be all white, multicolored or as much as 90 percent of one color. They can also have red or brindle patches. They carry a coat that is close and short as well as stiff. To brush their coats, a rubber mitt or firm bristle brush must be used. They should only be bathed when necessary. Puppies must be socialized early. With such low maintenance and adorability, who would not want an American Bulldog as a pet?

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American Bulldog
American Bulldog
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