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Pug Puppies for sale

The Pug has been around longer than 400 BC and, as such, is one of the oldest dog breeds around. It is agreed that this breed originated in Asia because of how similar the Pug is to the Pekingese breed. China is known as the earliest origin of Pugs as the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries kept them as pets. Europe and Japan are the next locations where Pugs appeared. They gained popularity with Prince William II as the King of England took them in as his pets. This led them to becoming a wildly admired dog for pets.

There is a phrase that describes the Pug perfectly. "Multum in Parvo" translates to "a lot of dog in a small space." These little dogs are known for their playful personalities, even-temperedness, and loving, outgoing behavior. Their colors are fawn, apricot fawn, silver fawn or black with a mask on their muzzles. Pugs are very popular as companion dogs and are also superior at showings.

These amazing little dogs make excellent pets because their main reason for existing is to please their humans and just to love them. Pugs make the ideal pets for families and they adapt well to small apartments. They only need a small amount of exercise and can easily adjust to all types of situations. While they do shed, they have short coats that do not need a lot of grooming. If you are looking for a low maintenance, highly loveable little dog for a pet, you may find the perfect pug right here in these ads.

pug puppy posted by jenkins001$400
pug puppy posted by aleinefay$300
pug puppy posted by scottclaudine$500
pug puppy posted by jacopaco1$750
pug puppy posted by 492 CH KENNELS$1,750
pug puppy posted by 492 CH KENNELS$1,600
pug puppy posted by 492 CH KENNELS$1,600
pug puppy posted by Ashee1$600
pug puppy posted by tobyjr2011$600
pug puppy posted by nebanks$600
pug puppy posted by Lynde30$400
pug puppy posted by Mario989$400
pug puppy posted by mariaelenaluisa1$600
pug puppy posted by iyan$500
pug puppy posted by peggy russell$350
pug puppy posted by sophiagardner$1,000
pug puppy posted by xxyy$650