Old English Sheepdog Puppies for Sale

Old English Sheepdogs are larger, shaggy haired dogs which make for a great family pet. Even-tempered, faithful and protective, this dog can certainly be called man's best friend and it is wonderful with children. As a herding dog, the Old English Sheepdog will follow instructions during training but may tend to deviate from the instructions due to their strong willed attributes.

Since the dog is a larger breed, apartment living may not be the best option however the Old English Sheepdog is able to live in smaller quarters if need be. Ideally, a home with a medium-sized yard is the perfect living space for this type of dog to be in as it can get the necessary amount of exercise in a good size area. The Old English Sheepdog should also be groomed regularly and efficiently due to its large amount of hair. 1 Results
Old English Sheepdog
Gold male Sheepadoodle
Old English Sheepdog
Mesa, AZ


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