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Of all toy breeds, the Japanese Chin is probably one of the most well-mannered! The Japanese Chin is an extremely intelligent and devoted companion. In fact, the only purpose it was bred for in Japan was to be a great human companion, even becoming a favorite to Japanese nobility. The Japanese Chin is very loving to everyone it encounters but it might become slightly nervous or reserved in unfamiliar situations. Also known as the Japanese Spaniel, the Japanese Chin is a small dog with a short stubby muzzle and a fluffy coat of fur which feathers around the ears and tail. Japanese Chins can weigh from 4 to 15 pounds and stand at almost a foot tall. The breed generally comes only in white with different colored patches. Thanks to its size and activity level, the Japanese Chin is great for apartment life but it needs to be walked daily to be to stay happy and healthy. Overall, the Japanese Chin is a great choice for toy dog lovers looking for an ideal canine companion for many years to come. Browse this page of Japanese Chin Puppies for Sale to find the perfect one for you! 0 Results

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