Chinese Shar Pei Puppies for Sale

Initially, the Chinese Shar Pei was a versatile Chinese farm dog. Many of their traits relate to that sort of work. The way they are built made them perfect to act as border guard dogs and be on duty all day. They have herding skills, vermin catching skills and tracking skills because they had many diverse duties on the farm. It was the belief of the Chinese that this dog's black colored mouth and scowl would ward off evil spirits. In addition, their commanding presence kept them from being challenged by their opponents.

The Chinese Shar Pei is instantly recognized because of their uniquely shaped head that resembles a hippopotamus along with their profile and wrinkles. This ancient breed is typically rather standoffish and aloof with strangers, but are very devoted to their human family. The name "Shar-Pei" translate to "sandy coat" so their coat should be harsh. While the main color usually is sable, they come in any solid color. They excel in tracking, conformation, obedience and agility.

These intelligent and sometimes stubborn dogs, they need experienced owners. They are very bright and are easily trained, but it is important that this training and socialization is started early in life. In addition, the Chinese Shar Peis need exercise every day. They are clean by nature and do not need a lot of grooming. The occasional bath, toe nail clipping and regular ear cleaning should be enough. If these beautifully odd dogs take your fancy, view the following ads to find the perfect one for your home.

best Price pups
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
chinese shar pei puppy posted by best Price pupsGorgeous Wrinkled Chinese Sharpie Male Puppy $789-plus
Must SeeNice Wrinkled Chinese Sharpie Male Puppy $789-plus3 Year Warrantee on Congenital DefectsPedigree PapersFlorida Health CertificateMicrochipNice Coa...
14 Weeks$789
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chinese shar pei puppy posted by dfdsaBeautiful wrinkly pei pups
Hello, I have only 2 more wrinkly adorable pure breed shar peis. They were born June 30 ready for a new home today I have owned both mom and dad from birth...
9 Months$750
Mossy v
Durham, CO DH12BH
chinese shar pei puppy posted by Mossy vShar pei pup for sale 17 weeks old
This is my gorgeous blue shar pei I need to find him a new home because i have got a job with to many hours so dont have enough time for him he is fully ho...
12 Months$350
Graton, CA 94954
chinese shar pei puppy posted by TSArnovickLILAC MALE Shar-pei
This little boy is truly a ray of sunshine. He has an amazing personality and so much spunk. This puppy was first born and is the only male of the litter. ...
13 Months$1,000
Graton, CA 94954
chinese shar pei puppy posted by TSArnovickPart Mini Shar-pei
This little girl is just that.. Little She was the smallest puppy of the litter and I anticipate that she will remain smaller. She will likely be about 35-...
13 Months$900
Graton, CA 94954
chinese shar pei puppy posted by TSArnovickShar-pei puppies
This little girl is a sweetie She has an amazing personality and is very personable. She was the third born and has an amazing blue color like her Dad. She...
13 Months$1,000