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Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Believed to have initially been from the British Isles, the Bulldog was so named because of his association with bull baiting. Originally, the Bulldog was required to be brave and fierce as well as almost non-susceptible to pain. Once dog fighting was outlawed in England, Bulldog lovers began preserving them by eradicating those characteristics that had made them fighters. It only took a few generations to make the Bulldog one of the most exceptional dogs both in physical form as well as personality.

With their shuffling, loose-jointed walk and short-faced, large head, the Bulldog has an easy going, stubborn and dignified disposition. Medium in size, these are not your characteristic lap dogs, but they would love to be so! According to the AKC Registration numbers, they are among the most popular dog breeds because of their gentle and affection personality as well as those precious wrinkles!

Their coats come in colors of white, fallow, brindle, piebald or red, and they make ideal pets for families. The reason that they are thought of as being such amazing pets for families is their inclination of forming a strong connection with children. Bulldogs are protective and gentle and they love children. They only need a small amount of grooming and don't require a lot of exercise. However, their short noses make them become overheated during warm weather, so they must always have a shady and cool location to rest. Look through the following adorable puppies and see if yours might be there.

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bulldog puppy posted by randydotty$400
bulldog puppy posted by miriammoore87$2,500
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