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A variety of bulldog and terrier cross breeds were commonly used as sporting dogs during the early 1800s. It was in 1860 that James Hinks, an English dog broker, created a more sophisticated type of this cross. His breed was recognized by the completely white coats that they sported. It was not long before these dogs formed a new breed called the Bull Terrier. During Hinks' time, they were often called White Cavaliers. This changed during the early 1900s when Bull Terriers were crossed with brindle colored Staffordshires to create dogs with color.

People that enjoy playing three year old toddlers will take to the Bull Terrier like a duck to water. These dogs are clownish and playful; behaving much like a three year old dressed as a dog. His personality is in direct contradiction to his appearance. He has a muscular build that makes him seem unapproachable but that could not be further from the truth. Bull Terriers are exceptionally friendly dogs and boast a sweet personality. They show well in the areas of agility and obedience. They may be totally white with markings on their heads or have colored coats.

Bull Terriers thrive best when they are a part of a family and become quite attached to their humans. They adore children but must go through obedience training and avoid becoming over stimulated when playing with young children. They have short coats that are simple to maintain but need exercise daily. Are you ready to bring one of these special dogs into your household?

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Bull Terrier
Bull Terrier
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