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Brussels Griffon Puppies, like all griffons, are unique thanks to their flat faces and slightly buldging eyes. These qualities added to a slight overbite and tiny frame, give you a slightly bizarre-looking, but adorable dog. Brussels Griffin puppies are in the toy category of dogs and as such only grow to be around 12 pounds in weight and 8 inches tall. Brussels Griffins can either have rough coats, which are wirey and dense or smooth coats, which are short, straight and glossy. Regardless of coat type, the Brussels Griffon can come in red, tan, black or a mix. Brussels Griffons are extremely lively, cheerful and affectionate. They love being around their family and will not do well kept outside or in a kennel. They're quite intelligent and can learn tricks. Like most toy dogs, the Brussels Griffon does well in apartments. It's important not to baby the Brussels Griffon or it might become aggressive, possessive, or neurotic. Overall, the Brussels Griffon is an energetic and charming little dog. Browse this page to find all of our available Brussels Griffon Puppies for Sale.
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