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Muscular and rugged, the Black Mouth Cur is undeniably a multitalented hunter’s dog. Their coat comes in a variety of red, yellow, fawn, blue and brindle. Their coat is short and easy to groom. They require occasional combing to remove dead hairs. They have a powerful black muzzle, medium sized ears and a lengthy tail. The adult ranges from 16 to 25 inches in height and from 45 to 95 pounds in weight. The Blackmouth Cur is a breed proficient at hunting medium-sized game, treeing and baying. They can also herd animals, track, pull weights, or work as a Rescue dog. This breed is very athletic and a single dog can be used to perform multiple jobs. While this dog is powerful and fearless at work, a Cur is also protective of his family. This breed is very eager to please given the proper training. They are good with children as long as they have constant and firm leadership. The owner must be calm, stern and project a natural authority. This dog must receive daily mental and physical exercise or they will become high strung and exhibit behavior problems. As they age, they become very laid back. This dog flourishes in a home with a yard where they can have plenty of room to run and they do not do well in apartments. If you feel this is the right dog for you, browse our featured Blackmouth Cur Puppies for Sale below.
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