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The Black Russian Terrier was originally bred in the Soviet Army in order to develop the perfect large working breed suitable for wartime needs. This dog is characterized by a massive and powerful muscular build complete with a thick, wavy, black coat. Its face is usually highlighted by a beard of fur. This dog breed is very intelligent and easy to train. It is able to do almost anything: protection, herding, obedience, tracking, sled dog, agility and show dog. Black Russian Terrier puppies need lots of love and attention growing up. Human contact is imperative to this dog's growth and development in order for it to be properly socialized and not weary of strangers in adulthood. Black Russian Terrier puppies develop a very strong protective instinct and are also very inquisitive. They mature quite slowly and thus stay very playful and puppy-like for some time. This breed is great with kids and quite low-maintenance in the household, which makes it a great family dog. If you're interested in adding a Black Russian Terrier to your family, browse the extensive selection of Black Russian Terrier Puppies for sale below and find one near you.
black russian terrier puppy posted by adancpena$1,800
black russian terrier puppy posted by ebonies pride$2,500
black russian terrier puppy posted by ebonies pride$2,500