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Basenji puppies are relatively small dogs with lots of energy! These puppies love to run, jump, climb and chew, even in adulthood. It's important to give this dog lots of toys to play with, or other Basenji companions so it doesn't get bored. These pups are great pets thanks to their high intelligence level, affection and willingness to please. Basenji puppies are incredibly distinct thanks to the fact that they don't actually bark, but instead make a yodeling noise. They also growl, crow, or howl accordingly to their mood. Basenjis, as a breed, are relatively small with muscular builds. Their coats are shiny, short and fine and come in black, copper, red, chestnut red, or tricolor in combinations of black, tan and white, or black, brindle and white. Overall, these pups are great family pets if kept active and not let around smaller animals. If you are interested in the Basenji Puppies for Sale, check out all the breeders featured on this page and find one near you.