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The Akita dog breed is one of seven native Japan breeds that have been named as national memorials. These dogs have been known as multipurpose hunters for years. Something different with the Akitas is that they have a spiritual meaning attached to them. In Japan, when a child is born, the family is given a statue of the Akita which is meant to bestow happiness, health and a long life for the child. This breed was brought to the United States by Helen Keller during 1937.

The Akita is alert, powerful, courageous and dignified. They are quite popular today in shows, performances and therapy work. Their coat is a thick double one and is in any color including pinto, brindle or white. The plush tail curling over their back is considered one of their trademarks.

In Japan, the Akita is called the Silent Hunter due to their quite nature. However, they have strong guarding and protector instincts and will bark loudly in the event of an intruder. The temperament of this breed ranges from calm to energetic to aggressive so they should never be left with small children and other animals unsupervised. They like to be the leader of the pack so they must always have obedience training if they are to fit in harmoniously into a home. Even though these dogs will groom themselves much like cats do, they will still need a daily brushing as well as exercise every day. Is your home the right one for an Akita?

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