Afghan Hound Puppies for Sale

Known for being aloof, dignified, and for having a highly individualized personality, Afghan Hounds are prized and loved by their owners as companions and members of their family. The Afghan Hound is kind and loyal, but is sensitive and needs to be treated with care, particularly by the young. Afghan Hounds are normally tolerant of children, but older and well behaved children are preferable. Afghan Hounds get along very well with other pets with whom they are raised, but males are often dominant toward one another. The Afghan Hound has a coat of very long, fine, silky hair. The long coat and shorter-haired saddle on the back are distinctive features of this breed. The coat may be of any color, with or without a black face mask. It is important to take into account that their coat requires regular grooming, and their larger size necessitates regular exercise. The Afghan Hound has a tall shoulder height of 61-73 cm (24-29 in) and weighs 20-27 kg (45-60 lbs). It has a long, narrow head, almond shaped eyes, large, drooping ears, and big feet. The Afghan Hound has a distinctive ring at the end of its tail. If you are interested in taking one home, browse the many breeders who are featuring Afghan Hound Puppies for Sale.