Breed:French Bulldog Studs
Age:4 Years
Stud Fee:$3,500
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Updated on:6/20/2022
Contact Info
Name:Keith & Heather P.
Location:Spokane, WA 99156
~ ENTERTAINING SERIOUS OFFERS FOR SALE ~ Gilligan is our STAR stud here @ VDMFB he makes THE most adorable babies.. Gilligan offers authentic hard to obtain European bloodlines to your program.. bringing in #fresh blood into these already #oversaturated American lines.. / the process of importing a dog from another country is a costly en devour, to the deal is real.. he has already been AKC DNA certified as an #import this is required, he is also dual registered w/ the NAPR .. We are keeping two of his sons for our upcoming programs.. so thats a good deal for whomever gets him because hes already ready to #rocknroll w/ excellent semen quality.. Gilligan is 4-panel #CLEAR additionally holds an #official dna color testing panel from UC Davis Veterinary Program.. Results Em/Em ~B/B ~ d/d ~ K/N ~ ay/at ~ M/N 1 copy merle ~ NoPied .. Gilligan is a sturdy stocky male of even temperament, he was raised in our home, has an exemplary temperament, he has never shown any coat or health issues produces great puppies, he is a very fun loving fellow, well trained.. He gets along famously with our famous Italian Cane Corso Mastinos.. Gilligan spends his days as one of our superhero sidekicks, you can find him usually chilling in the sun up on the 2nd story deck here at home, Gilligan is #available for last minute service.. he is on-call producing as sequestered,.. all shipping via DHL.. he has made some of THE cutest puppies for us which can be viewed on our facebook pages New Adventures album, he has been #proven as of 2020/2021/2022.. #excellentsemenquality.. Serious inquiries need apply direct via phone.. we are easily found through social networking.. Semen Cost does not include additional fees for collection / shipping costs.. via our Veterinarian ~ possible sale to right offer ~ DM