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At/At Blue Tan French Bulldog

Breed:French Bulldog Studs
Age:21 Months
Stud Fee:$1,500
Updated on:11/26/2017
Contact Info
Name:Candice D.
Location:Metamora, MI 48455
Very muscular solid blue, no brindle DNA At/At dd kyky nn, AKC registered French Bulldog offered for stud service. They do not come any nicer looking than Remy. Very define tan points 14 months old and has great sperm quality Were experienced French Bulldog breeders of over 10 years. Stud service Includes up to 3 AIs done by us at no additional charge for local services. Fresh cooled semen is also available for overnight shipping. We offer shipping free of charge and semen will arrive the next morning. We go to a reproductive vet for the collection and preparation of the semen for shipping where they centrifuge it down to remove the prostatic fluid and add an extender. Our vet also checks the semen under a microscope and sends the motility report along with the collection to be sure you were sent a good sample. Return stud service provided FREE of charge if your girl does not get pregnant - stud contract applies. Stud fee is $1500. A reservation also guarentees Remy will be available when you need him. We accept cash only for local stud services and PayPal for shipping. Please contact us as soon as your female comes in heat or sooner to make sure hes not already booked. Call 586-222-8140 or email/text anytime. Thanks