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Initially called the Weimer Pointer, which was taken from the court sponsoring this breed, the Weimaraner comes from discriminate German breeding. They are part of the same all-purpose dogs as more German hunting dogs. Thought to be descended from the Bloodhound, the Weimaraner was originally used in hunting deer, bear and wolves. Over time, due to less large game in their environment; the Weimaraner turned into a bird hunter and a personal companion.

There are many aspects of this breed that are appreciated by humans. These include fearlessness, speed, and endurance when hunting. In addition, they are also easy to train, friendly and obedient. Weimaraners adore children and thrive when they are allowed to be a part of the family. These qualities make them ideal pets for families with children.

They are often called the "grey ghost" due to the unique color of their coats, which are short and sleek. Maintaining this coat is quite simple and only needs occasional brushing. A Weimaraner is quite a graceful dog and boasts aristocratic features. They were bred to be fast, courageous, intelligent, and to have a good sense of smell. It is these features that have them still considered to be excellent hunting dogs as well as great competitors in dog sports. However, Weimaraners can be adoring and loyal pets for the right families. Why not have a look at the following ads? You may find your new dog right in front of you!

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Julian, NC
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Westmoreland, TN
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