Saint Bernard Puppies for Sale

Saint Bernards are believed to have originated from dogs that used to live in the countryside of Switzerland. Initially, these dogs were short-haired. They were used by the Hospice as guard dogs, carting dogs and avalanche dogs to save any travelers that happened to get stuck in the snow. The Hospice was a safe haven to those people that were traveling across the dangerous passages that moved between Switzerland and Italy, therefore making them the perfect place to put these dogs to work.

While their main purpose used to find helpless and freezing travelers when they got lost in snowstorms, the Saint Bernard has other uses these days. He is quite strong and intelligent when it comes to obedience and conformation competitions, weight pulling and cart pulling. Their appearance and personality are in direct opposition with their muscular and powerful build and gentle disposition. With either long or short coats, their colors can be deep brown all the way to brown-yellow with white markings.

Whether Saint Bernards have short hair or long hair, they do shed and require grooming on a regular basis. Owners need to be ready for drool as a Saint Bernard never has a dry mouth. They are the ideal family dog as they make amazing companions. They do need to undergo obedience training and require exercise daily. In addition, because they are large dogs, they usually are happier in country homes rather than city apartments. Perhaps you may want to choose one of these large, loveable dogs from the following ads.

saint bernard puppy posted by Florida Saint Bernards$3,000
saint bernard puppy posted by messamejane3$400
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