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Von Grimsley Rottweilers

Breed:Rottweiler Puppies
Age:6 Months
Updated on:1/13/2018
Contact Info
Name:Rick G.
Location:Miami, FL 33054
Number:7863995323 or 7863552740
puppy_wanted:beautiful looking pups.
Von Grimsley proudly presents 100 percent german pedigree puppies, from german champion import, super high expectations for this litter. expect excellent drive, tons of character, good stop, head type, heavy frames, excellent temperaments, extraordinary big bone structure, from awesome, top notch champion imported bloodlines. this breeding between “champion rick von zwischenhaine” and “willow von diverhus” has been planned carefully. rick hips are ofa excellent which only “8 percent” of rotties have this rating, dam hips are rated as good, and both are hd ed free. also, pedigree is full of some great german champions known around the world such as “the great balou vom silverlick, gonzo earl antonius, bronko od dragicevica, ch kris klaid, ch. pasja ekland, ch geronimo vom hainichfelsen, ch. amassador shambala, dack flash rouse and filou vom rauberweg”. one of the most beautiful dogs in the rottweiler family. history rottweilers courageous guardians loyal champions early non refundable deposits are strongly recommended as this litter will sell out quickly.prices for pups start at $2,000 litter of 8 only 2 pups available 2 females contact numbers are 786 399- 5323 or 786355-2740 PHENOMENAL FEMALE PUPPIES