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Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

Portuguese Water Dog puppies are a muscular dog of medium size with wavy or curly hair. This dog is the perfect breed for families with children as it has a wonderful temperament and gets along great not only with people but other animals as well. Training the Portuguese Water Dog is not a difficult feat as it is extremely intelligent and will easily learn all that it is taught.

As for optimal living situations, Portuguese Water Dog puppies can live in an apartment setting although living in a home with a yard is the best option. These types of dogs like their outdoor exercise and having a fenced in yard will provide the best mode of exercise for the Portuguese Water Dog. Due to its wavy, luxurious coat, this breed of dog should be groomed on a frequent basis to ensure that its hair is kept free of snags and snarls.
portuguese water dog puppy posted by MarianneD$2,500
portuguese water dog puppy posted by dworkman1958$2,200