Giant Schnauzer Puppies for Sale

Giant Schnauzer puppies for sale! If you are seeking a loyal companion, then the Giant Schnauzer may be the perfect choice for you. Smart, fun, and loyal, the Giant Schnauzer loves to please their owners. However, due to their large size and sometimes aggressive nature, they are not recommended for homes with young children. Yet, they are the perfect choice for an experienced trainer who is looking for a brilliant companion to work with.

Giants in stature as well as personality, males reach between 26-28 inches and may weigh between 60-80 pounds. Females reach between 23-26 inches and may weigh between 55-75 pounds. For the trainer who is prepared to devote the time and attention necessary to train their Giant Schnauzer, the Giant will reward his or her owner with unwavering loyalty and faithfulness.
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If you are looking for a very large breed hypoallergenic pet or service dog that is loyal, smart, and gentle this breed is for you We specialize in service...
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