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AKC Doberman Waiting List- Champion Bloodline- Health Tested Purple Collar Puppy.

Breed:Doberman Pinscher Puppies
Age:8 Months
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Updated on:9/30/2018
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Name:Joyce B.
Location:Fort Worth, TX 76108
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AKC gorgeous black and rust female Doberman puppy born 8/22/18. $1800. Kimber the mother is a beautiful AKC red and rust. She is quick to learn and is trained in basic obedience. She is extremely attentive and eager to please. Like all of my dogs, she is the perfect jogging buddy and loves adventures. Kimber is wonderful with other dogs and children and exhibits an exceptional temperament for a family dog and companion. She has an intimidating presence and is an excellent watch dog. She measures 29 at the shoulder and weighs 78 lb. Tyson the father is an AKC black and rust full European. Tyson is gentle natured, but also a great watch dog. He is a playful dog who loves going on walks, jogs, and hikes. He is out of an amazing line with over 100 champions in his mother and father’s 5 generation pedigrees. Within his pedigree are Del Nasi, Chagall, Kimbertal, Sant Kreal, Altobello, Pride of Russia, De Britton, Lipar Land, and others. He is 28” inches tall at the shoulder and 80 lb. He has been tested for 165 different health issues/diseases and is clear on all This includes the common diseases to Dobermans Dilated Cardiomyopathy PDK4, Degenerative Myelopathy SOD1A, and Von Willebrand Disease Type I VWF. It is a rare thing to find a Doberman clear of these diseases, plus all of the 162 other diseases. Those diseases include the following blood, hormonal, immune, eyes, kidney, bladder, brain, spinal cord, heart, muscular, metabolic, gastrointestinal, neuromuscular, skeletal, skin, and connective tissues. Over the years, my puppies have gone on to excel in agility and as therapy dogs. Socialization is very important to my breeding program, and my puppies go to their new homes with the confidence to make a healthy transition into their forever homes. Socialization with children also occurs at a young age, and my Dobermans have a natural affection for them. Puppies are raised inside and receive plenty of love and attention. My puppies go to their new homes current on all age appropriate vaccines and dewormings and will have their tails docked and declaws removed. I also offer microchipping for an additional $35. Ear cropping is available for $650 from a vet that specializes in it. The responsibility of the taping and training of the ears will still be the buyer’s. For every day that I keep the puppy after the ears are cropped, there is a $15/day boarding fee since caring for a puppy with cropped ears requires more care and time. I recommend that buyers pick up their puppy right after the ears are cropped, but I am happy to keep the puppy so that the buyer does not have to experience any of the healing phase. Please keep in mind that cropping of the ears is truly an art and not merely a medical procedure. If you would like to handle the cropping of the ears on your own, I can recommend a couple of excellent veterinarians. If you are interested in buying a puppy from this litter, please contact me at 817-233-3720 or fill out my questionnaire at https//www.txpups.com/puppiesforsale/