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100 Working Line European Dobermann Pinscher Puppies

Breed:Doberman Pinscher Puppies
Age:8 Months
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Updated on:7/19/2017
Contact Info
Name:Katlyn S.
Location:Pitsburgh, PA 15143
Von Schwarz Dobermanns is very pleased to announce the 100 working line breeding between Ferro vom Bergkönig IPO3 imp. Mexico x V Cyrill von Spellen BH Security Dog imp. Germany. This litter is a cooperation between our kennel and von Leistungsblut Kennel. We are expecting the puppies to excel in working, personal protection, and very active pet homes. Puppies can be docked and cropped, or left completely natural. Both sire and dam are fully health tested. I want to say a special thank you to Nathan Frazier for making this opportunity possible. Working homes will get priority. Puppies due end of August 2017. ​ V Cyrill von Spellen BH Security Dog - Health Testing vWD clear DNA DCM 0 copies Thyroid Normal HD-A ED-0 Echocardiogram Normal Holter Normal - 0 VPCs Back, Knee, and Shoulders X-Rayed without remarks Full kidney and liver panels normal ​ Once Cyrill has her 28 day ultrasound and she is confirmed pregnant, we will start accepting non-refundable deposits to save your puppy. Puppies are $2500 and the deposit is 1/2 down. Puppies can be left natural, or a custom ear crop and dock can be preformed by a board certified veterinarian for an additional $300.