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Breed:Doberman Pinscher Puppies
Age:6 Months
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Updated on:8/27/2017
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Name:Travis 660-415-5449 B.
Location:Atlanta, MO 63530
We can discuss exactly what you are looking for and I can help guide you to the best litter and puppy to best suite your needs and desires. Yes, our price is all inclusive Airline Flight is also included in our prices. Here are some additional things that come standard with our Dobermans that you probably will not get else where. FULL REGISTRATION is one of the first things that we do allow with all of our Dobermans. This simply means that you as the new owner do have FULL RIGHTS to breed this fine animal one day down the road if you so choose. Many many breeders will not sell their Dobermans with breeding rights. Personally I welcome any help I can get in my MISSION to Improve the Doberman breed here in the U.S. I personally feel the American Doberman has ventured so far off base from the Original Standard that the breed was developed under in Germany many many years ago, that I have spent Thousands upon Thousands of dollars Importing the Very Best Bloodlines there are all over Europe right here to the U.S. in my kennel for our breeding program. I feel that anyone that buys a puppy from my kennel and decides to breed it down the road, will HOPEFULLY find a comparable mate, or will involve me in helping to find a comparable mate for them if and when they decide to mate them down the road. Other inclusions Standard with any Britton Farms Doberman are All Britton Farms Dobermans come with their Tails Dew Claws removed, De- Wormed every 2 weeks from 5 Days old until they leave our kennel, 3 Sets of Puppy Shots, Micro-Chipped, Ears Cropped, Crate Trained, Lots of Human Socialization with Children Adults, Airline Flight to anywhere in the U.S. Canada, Alaska, a Great Health Guarantee. Please give me a call or e-mail if you would like to discuss anything else in particular. Thank You, Travis Britton