Cockapoos Puppies for Sale

A cockapoo, which is also referred to as cockerpoo or cock-a-poo, is the result of a mix between a poodle and a cocker spaniel. Some cockapoos may be bred by crossing a purebred poodle and a purebred cocker spaniel, but many people breed multigeneration crosses. When looking for cockapoos puppies for sale, be sure to ask the breeder if the method of breeding is important to you.

Cockapoos come in a variety of sizes, though all varieties are considered to be small. The Teacup Toy is less than six pounds when fully grown while the toy is under 12. Those that weigh in somewhere between 13 to 18 pounds are considered mini or miniature, while those over 19 pounds are called maxi. If you are looking for a friendly dog like a cockapoo that is larger, you might want to consider looking at Labrador puppies for sale.
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