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Antolian Shepherd Dog Puppies are incredible companions. They were bred in Asia to be sheepdogs and guard dogs. To present day, the breed excels at both activities. This breed is tremendously alert and has exceptional eyesight and hearing. Antolian Shepherd Dogs are sensitive to their owners and are very receptive to both praise and reprimand. As a natural guard dog, the Antolian Shepherd will be protective and affectionate of children but as with most breeds, it's important to socialize them with the family early in life so that they can be comfortable not only with the family but strangers as well. If Antolian Shepherd puppies are not socialized, their guard dog instincts will take over and as adults, they will be weary of letting anyone in the household, family friend or not. This breed flourishes in the outdoors, as a breed that loves to run around and roam free. Antolian Shepherd dogs do not do well in small apartments and they require lots of exercise in addition to regular play. Physically, Antolian Shepherd Dogs are large, rugged animals. They have slender but muscular bodies. Their coats can come in either long or short varieties but are always rough and double-coated. Antolian Shepherd Dogs most commonly come in fawn with a black mask but other color combinations are prevalent, including white, brindle and pinto. If you're interested in this powerful and loyal guard dog, check out the Antolian Shepherd Puppies for Sale on this page to find one near you!
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