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American Bandogge Mastiff puppies grow up to be extremely muscular and agile-looking dogs. Their short coats usually come in brindle black but can also be found in tawny, red and blue. Despite their intimidating exteriors, Bandogges are very sweet animals. They flourish extremely well within family life and depend on their owners for happiness. They never like to be left alone for very long, as they care deeply for their families so it's important not to keep them in a kennel for long. In some parts of the country, the Bandogge is bred for fighting but thankfully they're bred more for protection. These dogs make great guards and are a veritable nightmare for any intruder. It's important to note that American Bandogge Mastiff puppies are not recommended for first-time dog owners. The Bandogge needs a lot of leadership and an owner who is able to pick up on his canine instincts and needs. Overall, the Bandogge is an extremely loyal and caring dog which can make a great family pet and guard dog. Browse our featured American Bandogge Mastiff Puppies for Sale on this page to find yours. 0 Results


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