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Affenpinschers love to monkey around and are quite mischievous dogs. This lively dog loves to spend time with their family. However, they will display behavior problems if its pack leader does not enforce rules and limitations. They make excellent house pets because of their devotion as well as their delightful personalities. This pooch gets along with other small pets and children. However, children should be taught to treat the dog with care. Affenpinscher puppies are alert and inquisitive at the same time endearing them to many different families and owners. Shaggy in appearance, their small stature makes you want to protect them, but their personality makes you love them. Their hallmark facial hair gives them a distinct look. This dog has a square body, round head and a short neck. Affenpinschers range from 10 to 15 inches in height and from 7 to 9 pounds. Their small frame is graced by a shaggy and wiry coat. They are very active indoors and will do okay living in an apartment. However, be advised that this breed is sensitive to extremely warm temperatures that are damaging to the coat. K9 Stud recommends that you require references from the individual owners as we do not prescreen any of the Affenpinscher puppies or breeders listed in the Affenpinscher puppies for sale section. 1 Results

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Turicorin, TN

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