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Flying Dutchman

Breed:Siberian Husky Studs
Age:4 Years
Stud Fee:$425
Updated on:5/17/2017
Contact Info
Name:shawn r.
Location:Stockton, CA 95212
ruedab0y:He is almost 4 years old. His date of birth is on his A.K.C. Papers. Most playful dog Ive had, he loves to run laps around the yard. Our 9 year old boy chases him around the yard as well.
Snowgirl:How long have you had him for ? Is he a healthy happy boy?
ruedab0y:A.K.C. Papers ...he is a little shy it took awhile for him to warm up to us. He is also very vocal
Snowgirl:Hi I had some questions about your husky ,what is he like and what is he registered with?
Papered black and white husky with blue eyes. His mask is completely white. Just like the real snow dogs on that movie eight below The breeder said he was from that bloodline also. Fat head with a stocky build as well. We have a big backyard for the session to take place. Please call Shawn or Marissa at 209-242-2767 or 209-981-1788 thanks