Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:2 Years
Stud Fee:$1,000
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Updated on:3/30/2022
Contact Info
Name:Tasia J.
Location:Benjamin, UT 84660
Kalluna:Hi there, do you ship AI to Canada?
Toby is a CKC Registered F1b Cavapoo Stud he is fully furnished like a poodle and has a /- Curl Coat. He is the perfect match for Poodles, Cavapoos, Cavapoochons, Goldendoodles for GoldenCavoodles and many others. He carries perfect genetics to throw tricolored puppies with white markings. He has an amazing build, he does not have your normal cavalier or cavapoo short stubby leg build he is really nicely balanced in size and structure, he also has a perfect bite and perfect teddy bear cavapoo face. Toby is a lazy, sweet and chill cuddle buddy. He was born and raised by us, we kept him back because of his amazing temperament, looks, structure, genetics and lines we knew he would be a perfect stud and foundation male for our cavapoo and goldencavoodle program. OFA Testing Heart Normal Patella Normal Coat Color Genetics Furnishings- Fully furnished F/F Curl Coat- On copy of Curl coat will produce wavy/plush coats E Locus- ee K Locus- kyky A Locus- atat D Locus- DD B Locus- BB Saddle Tan- ll S-Locus- Ssp M Locus-mm Clear on all health conditions tested for. His genetic testing was completed through animal genetics. Stud Fee $1,000 Does not include cost of shipping please inquire for pricing. Unlike most stud owners, we are extremely careful not to overuse our studs to ensure quality collections. Our stud collections are regularly tested with a reproductive specialist, and they have consistently had excellent collections with high counts and mobility. They are available for outside stud service to approved breeders so long as they are not covering our own girls. We are located in Utah but regularly ship fresh chilled semen all over the USA If you are interested in using one of our studs please call or text the number listed for each stud, with breeding being time sensitive this is the quickest way to receive a response. We are happy to work with both new and experienced breeders. Contact Tasia 801-691-9741 We also own and stud out his dad, Mister Barkley Finn 8lb AKC CKC Poodle, Indy his uncle who is a 12lb AKC mini poodle, Loki an AKC CKC registered 6lb toy poodle and Ridge a CKC registered Multi Generational Goldendoodle.