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Champion Wendover Whos Your Daddy

Breed:Jack Russell Terrier Studs
Age:6 Years
Stud Fee:$500
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Updated on:2/23/2019
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Name:April A.
Location:Riverside, CA 92585
Moralesgio123:Hi I am very interested in a stud service please email me @ moralesgio26@gmail.com
At Stud to Approved Females- Champion Wendover Whos Your Daddy. UKC Show Champion, National Champion, International Champion. Proven Champion Producer. JRTCA pedigree/eligible puppies and UKC registered. Hef is 13 inches tall 14 pounds tri color and a sleek smooth coat. GREAT disposition that is calmer then most and very child friendly... and he routinely passes this to his offspring BAER, CERF, PLL normal/clear. PLEASE VISIT OUR FULL WEB SITE AT www.wendoverterriers.com OR CONTACT US AT wendoverterriers@yahoo.com or 951-489-9564