Groot - 5 Years old

Golden Retriever Stud Stud Fee: $850

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Age 4 years old Groot is a magnificent specimen of the Golden Retriever breed, boasting a classic, well-proportioned build. He stands at approximately 24 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs around 75 pounds, showcasing the ideal combination of strength and grace. His coat is a rich, dark golden hue, characterized by its luxurious, flowing waves that cascade elegantly along his body. His expressive eyes, a warm, dark brown, exude intelligence and kindness, reflecting his gentle and amiable nature. With a sturdy frame, well-defined muscles, and a confident gait, Groot has an outgoing temperament, embodying the quintessential charm of the Golden Retriever breed. He is incredibly sociable, with a natural affinity for people of all ages, making him an ideal companion in any setting. His playful demeanor and boundless energy make him a favorite among children, while his gentle disposition and calm demeanor ensure that he is equally beloved by adults. Groot is highly trainable and eager to please, demonstrating remarkable intelligence and an innate desire to learn. Groot comes from a lineage of healthy and genetically sound Golden Retrievers. He is up-to-date on all vaccinations and receives regular veterinary care to maintain optimal health and well-being. Groot has successfully sired multiple litters of puppies, demonstrating his reproductive prowess and fertility.

Offered by: Cynthia N. Nevada
  • sodbuster: Had a litter by Groot. Cant say enough good about him or his ability. His owners are top-notch as well..............

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