Zion The Sunbeast

Breed:Golden Retriever Studs
Age:8 Years
Stud Fee:Pick of the Litter
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Updated on:5/24/2023
Contact Info
Name:Ryan M.
Location:Denver, CO 80219
Zion is an AKC registered, proven sire of multiple litters. 5 generation pedigree available. He’s also a fully trained and working service dog. Boxy, large, intelligent. He has beautiful “feathers” and a mane. Average litter of his has been 8-12 puppies. We also offer artificial insemination on-site during breeding if no ties occur, so we can better ensure pregnancy by our stud. We do this free of charge. There are a few stud fee options ultimately up to our discretion Option 1 - We get first choice and pick of the litter including breeding rights. This is only applicable to AKC registered females with breeding rights, or golden doodles. Option 2 - Flat stud fee upfront paid on breeding day. You save puppy sale $$ doing it this way, and we don’t have to wait almost 4 months for payment or pick of the litter. Also If no pregnancy is achieved after the first breeding, we have it in our contract that we will honor the stud fee/breeding up to two more heats. After the third breeding, if no pregnancy happens to occur, we’ll require you to get your female’s health and fertility checked out by a vet before any further plans can be arranged. Call or text with any questions. Messages here on K9stud don’t normally reach me. Ryan