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St. Florians Ruger

Breed:Golden Retriever Studs
Age:4 Years
Stud Fee:$700
Updated on:7/1/2019
Contact Info
Name:Ryan R.
Location:Magnolia, TX 77355
Number:469 955-9699
Ruger is my 4 year-old AKC Golden Retriever with a history of over 50 successfully bred litters and listed as an AKC Frquently-Used Sire with associated DNA profile. Additionally, he has full-panel genetic testing, hip/elbow examinations, and sperm diagnostics available on request. Ruger is a smart, playful, water-loving dog who always has a smile on his face and who never fails to put you in a good mood. Pictures of previous litters available just to show you how gorgeous his offspring are. Not only is Ruger a good choice for your next breeding, but his owner is always at the ready to assist with any questions or advice that you may require throughout the process. Will drive to meet. Semen ready to ship in or out of state. Feel free to call or text the number provided at any time to set up services.