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Breed:Golden Retriever Studs
Age:6 Years
Stud Fee:Pick of the Litter
Updated on:4/14/2019
Contact Info
Name:Jon M.
Location:Denver, CO 80211
Can4ever:Hi, your dog is beautiful Is he still available? Does he has hip and shoulder tests? Thank you, Vero
gohoos09:Duke is still available. My account wasnt sending me messages when people posted, but I now have the issue fixed. If youre interested please message me on the site and I will respond as soon as I can.
RhondaAnderson:Im interested in your dog, is he still available?
ecaitlinmay:Im looking to breed my female this week or next. Please call me if interested 970-556-4349
Cali051415:Hi Jon I have a female in heat, looking for a backup stud if our current one doesn’t work out Please contact me ASAP samwiegand7@gmail.com
Cherimrphy:My mother is looking for a stud dog for her female AKC golden retriever, most likely around June/July. We are located in santa rosa and are curious as to what your terms are? Please contact me at cherimrphy@Yahoo.com
Carreras4:we are looking for a golden to breed with are dog Roxy she really sweet out going please leave a comet we will think about it ok bye
Awaechtler:Hi. Is Duke still available as a stud? And do you only want pick of the liter if the female is AKC registered?
Golden5:Hi, Im looking for a stud for my Golden. I believe i have talked to before. please email me at busy5mom@gmail.com
amanda kruger:Im interested in ur dog please call me love to talk. My girl dog is name jello she is two. 4158102124 my name is amanda
dalehollowgoldens:Great looking dog. Does he have OFA clearances, and do you AI? If so, please contact me at jennys8675@yahoo.com
mstutes:Interested in breeding my 3year old golden retriever, Shea this year. Can you give me a call at 916-995-0001 or text? My dog hasnt been bread yet, she is 88lbs and vet says probably need a smaller male.
icemank9:Nice looking stud dog, is he persistent?
Duke possesses the best combination of athletic prowess and gentle personality that weve ever seen in a Golden. If you are looking for either of these traits, then youve found the perfect stud. He is supremely fit, running trails daily in the summertime and doing park sprints in the wintertime. He first love is the tennis ball, followed by a close cuddle on the couch. He eats intuitively, only when hungry and has no problem leaving food in his bowl rare amongst Goldens, and crucial for weight control. Most interestingly, he has an innate sense of respect for peoples things - for example, he will not disturb clothing, plants, furniture when his toys brush up against them. Ive never seen this previously in a dog. He also has a beautiful coat that does not need grooming see pics, noting that he has never been groomed. This will be his first sire, and as such, we are willing to assume the risk should it not take - no fee if puppies are not consummated, a pick of the litter if they are.