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Lengas Jaeger von Dietrich

Breed:German Shepherd Studs
Age:14 Months
Stud Fee:Pick of the Litter
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Updated on:7/12/2020
Contact Info
Name:Helene K.
Location:Mountain Center, CA 92561
AKC/OFA- Lengas Jaeger is a black and red, large boned, straight back with a sweet, loving, playful, outgoing, confident, personality..He will produce black and red and black and tan puppies. His wonderful looks, and personality will be passed on to his puppies. He is outgoing, very smart, confident, playful and loves to play ball. He is friendly and sociable and gets along with other dogs, and loves children. Qualities he will pass on to his puppies.I am open to what you want from this breeding as well. To pay stud fee of $1,500.00 or me getting pick of the litter. Located in S. CA.