Breed:German Shepherd Studs
Age:2 Years
Stud Fee:$600
Updated on:7/16/2021
Contact Info
Owner:Apollo the Mandog
Name:Rebekah C.
Location:Redlands, CA 92373
Apollo is a 98 pound Red and Blue Blk Shepherd. He is an incredible athlete that does well at agility and scent work. He is currently training for Search and Rescue. His double coat is incredibly soft year round and his eyes change color depending on the seasons from a blue green to an amber color. He has a deep blue /black coat, big bones. Father is a long hair Red Shepard. Apollo has been DNA tested through Embark and is followed by a vet. Both parents are large so he will produce large puppies. He is a twin of a litter of 9. He is ready to go now. More pictures from newborn to current are available. This boy is a show stopper, you wont be disappointed.