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Lengas Legend Zarco Jr Delder Royal

Breed:German Shepherd Studs
Age:7 Years
Stud Fee:$1,000
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Updated on:3/3/2018
Contact Info
Name:Helene K.
Location:Mountain Center, CA 92561
Zarco is AKC/OFA Good/Hips/Elbows/CGC/TT/DNA uhnmk4@gmail.com . Zarco has an outgoing, gentle, loving, friendly, sociable, calm disposition with a very strong sex drive. He will get the job done. He produces very beautiful black and red puppies. Zarco has already produced 17 litters of big, gorgeous, healthy puppies. Zarco is also a Service Dog.I am experienced in all areas of breeding successfully. To check your female to see if she is in estrus. Inseminations if necessary. Located in Southern California. Call or e-mail me to arrange the breeding with your female. 951-659-0719