Preacher Man

Breed:French Bulldog Studs
Age:5 Years
Stud Fee:$1,500
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Updated on:6/17/2022
Contact Info
Name:Keith & Heather P.
Location:Spokane, WA 99156
Preacher is our handsome blue / tan import.. he is quadruple registered meaning he holds multiple registrations from both his country of origin as well as here in the states.. Preacher holds an #official dna color testing panel from UC Davis Veterinary Program.. Results Em/Em ~ B/B ~ d/d ~ N/N ~ at/at ~ NoPied .. Preacher was raised in our home, has an exemplary temperament, he has never shown any coat or health issues in his entire life, given his unique color that is quite an achievement, he is a very mannerly fellow, well trained.. He gets along famously with our famous Italian Cane Corso Mastinos.. Preacher currently spends his days as a superhero sidekick, chilling here at home as an on-call #stud producing as needed,.. he has made some of THE cutest puppies for us which can be viewed on our facebook pages New Adventures album, he has been #proven as of 2020/2021.. His registries are as follows PPK Poland, SHPR Poland, WKU NAPR.. Preacher is available for service possibly for sale 2600 to a responsible breeding program.. Serious inquiries need apply direct via phone.. we are easily found through social networking.. Semen Cost does not include additional fees for collection / shipping costs.. via our Veterinarian