Breed:French Bulldog Studs
Age:11 Months
Stud Fee:$6,000
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Updated on:10/15/2021
Contact Info
Name:tiara M.
Location:Boston, MA 02601
Hello Everyone If your looking for an incredible stud that’s four panel clear, Cysturnia three clear , Akc registered , and brucellosis free , PHARAOH IS THE STUD YOU NEED IN YOUR PROGRAM Pharaoh is a blue and tan merle that carries testable chocolate, coco , cream , fluffy, and he’s ata . Did I mention his structure???? Pharaoh has incredible confirmation, nice tight feet, and A FLAT WIDE MUZZLE . His fee is 6k and 1k to lock in and that fee includes one collection, shipment and semen analysis within the USA . Please let us know when your girl is on day one of her heat cycle to ensure your place in line I’m also a verified breeder on several Facebook groups feel free to ask for references on my business page