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Breed:French Bulldog Studs
Age:2 Years
Stud Fee:$1,000
Updated on:1/10/2019
Contact Info
Name:David K.
Location:Blue Point, NY 11715
One of a kind amazing boy that needs to reproduce and bring more frenchies like him into this world. Beef has to be the best looking and physically impressive frenchy I’ve ever seen. Not just saying that because he’s mine, everyone who knows him says the same thing. Personality wise, truly one of a kind. Extremely smart and hilarious. Loves all other pets, people and especially kids. Everyday he amazes me and I enjoy every minute with him. Beef is comfortable in any atmosphere and has a great demeanor in any situation. Training him was a breeze it was as if he trained himself. You’d have to really meet Beef and check him out for yourself to believe all I’m telling you and trust that I’m not exaggerating at all. He will make the perfect stud and has blue, brindle and red fawn in his bloodline so depending on your female can produce any of them. Any stud of this quality certainly goes for more then I’m asking as well I really want to see some of Beef puppies more then anything