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Breed:French Bulldog Studs
Age:3 Years
Stud Fee:$2,200
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Updated on:2/23/2020
Contact Info
Name:james c.
Location:Elk City, OK 73644
Number:580 799 2873
22# Blue and Tan boy. Full tan points, carries cream, No Brindle , This guy has it all I ship overnight using a computer controlled shipping box. Comes with a guarantee. He has a great head and ear set. He is a really nice small guy No white or brindling. Beautiful coat. You can see a video of him on youtube https//youtu.be/3XaEAq1-tX0 Getting a nice litter starts with quality parents. But is takes more than that. Collecting, shipping semen and timing the AI all take experience to get right. I have over a thousand breedings. Give me a call. Even if you dont usemy service I know you will find the info very informative. I have 20 proven studs. All have produced large litters. Stitch my blue boy has been used over 350 times All my boys are short and cobby. My aim is to produce smaller Frenchies 18 to 22 lbs. with short muzzles and little tail. Compact dogs with a short back legs and neck You might go to my web site and preview the breeding section. There is info on doing your own progesterone tests. It costs me $10 a test and I get the result in 30 minutes. Typically you need three tests, first at about 6 days and then two more to narrow down the day of ovulation. Optimum AI is two days after Ovulation. Lab tests are more accurate, but expensive and many times you dont get results for 24 hrs. and that can be a problem. If you’re doing a surgical AI then your Vet will probably want to do the tests onsite. I have lots of videos and info on progesterone testing, the AI process, C-section, whelping and a lot more. Stud fees range from $800 to $3500. I charge half the stud fee and then collect the balance after you have a litter, plus $150 every time I ship Some customers want two shipments two days a part. But one breeding is all you will need for a surgical AI I have been doing this for many years and really have the collection, prep and shipping down. It has taken a few years to perfect the process. I use a patented by me computer controlled shipping box. Im that dedicated. The semen is slowly cooled and then held at exactly 5C or 41F for the whole trip. You will get quality semen ready to AI your girl the next morning. No surprises You can reserve a stud anytime Just let me know when your girl shows first signs of heat. I take Paypal. Money orders checks credit cards and cash Call me any time to talk about any of this, even if you have questions but find another stud provider. Happy to help any time James 580 799 2873.