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Breed:French Bulldog Studs
Age:3 Years
Stud Fee:$1,000
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Updated on:7/1/2017
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Name:JAKE L.
Location:Kuna, ID 83634
A one in a million stud with a competitive contract. All samples are professionally collected, tested and verified for potency. Dozers most recent sample had an astounding 349 million sperm per mil. The recommended minimum for breeding is 215 million per mil. I work with a vet that is specialized in breeding and knows exactly what she is doing. Tested regularly for Bordetella, has always tested negative. All specimens are packaged in temperature sustained boxes and shipped within the same day they are collected. After that, fed exs drops to you the next day. Please let me know if you dont want seamen extender added to the sample. This keeps more of the sample viable through the shipment but is not a necessity. Sooo, pictures dont really do this handsome pup any justice. The pictures make him look much more brown than he is because he loves to sun bathe, but I assure you Dozer is a beautiful, full blue brindle, AKC certified with exceptional championship genes at an EXCELLENT STUD PRICE. See the third pic to get an idea of how blue he normally is, the two pictured with him are from a litter with a white and blue pied female. His last two litters are catching between 5500 and 6300 per pup. The first litter was all natural and birthed at home in the owners lap, so the pics and video are neat to look at. Dozer weighs in at a lean, muscular, 28 pounds. He has sired two litters, one of 7 and one of 8 So far, all pups have come out predominantly blue brindle with zero health defects. He has an absolutely amazing temperament, listens well, and learns quickly. Follow the web link to view his first ever litter with Lola, an AKC blue pied full breed. I have kept the whole family very close from the first litter and will have three more males to choose from in the near future. I accept all methods of payment via PayPal. He has a short body, great head and huge ear set that says Im a handsome Frenchie. Every owner has been more than satisfied. Optimum AI is two days after Ovulation. Please work with your vet to determine your dogs exact, personal needs. If you’re doing a surgical AI then your Vet will probably want to do the tests onsite. In all reality, I would say that any owner would be able to tell when the female is ready to go, but optimal breeding requires tests and they are well worth it. The nice thing about artificial insemination is that one breeding is all it should take. I know this selection process can be very overwhelming given all of the choices to be made. I pride myself in being transparent and helpful, even if you plan on using a different stud. I have been doing this for a while locally and have developed a love for this breed, if you already have one, you know what I mean. It has taken some time to get the process down and at this point I am very confident that I can get you what you need, as soon as you need it. Im dedicated and excited to get you what you need for the perfect littler of companions. You can reserve a stud anytime, just let me know when your girl shows first signs of heat. The best way to reach me is via text @ 208-440-1653 or email @ nextgen451@gmail.com. I also check this site daily so leave a comment or send me a message, whatever works best for you. Happy to help any time -Jake