Nixon di Altobello

Breed:Doberman Pinscher Studs
Age:12 Years
Stud Fee:$1,000
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Updated on:6/28/2017
Contact Info
Name:Dianne W.
Location:Stagecoach, NV 89429
jewelryboxx:Hello there, I am interesting in your stud dog. Is he American Doberman or European Doberman? Also is he AKC registered? Thank you
deedee1756:Ashlee - see my website for email is email --- I check about 1 or 2 times a day for any correspondence of emails. Where are you located? See Nixons page and litters with Dixy and Coco for how the puppies looked.. Dianne
lima2930:Hello my name is Ashlee Im looking for a stud dog for my girl doberman is there any way to get into contact with you for more information my email is {}
Nixon is no longer available. Oct 30, 2019 he passed away. Cause of death was spine.. I just keeping this ad here to see him when I log on. He is missed dearly everyday. Best male dog ever. Nixons parents are Maxim di Altobello/Luna di Altobello. You cannot find a better genetics of these parents IMO. Nixon says thanks to all his progeny pups and may they prosper better then he. See my website for my upcoming new stud Mister od Telepa imported from Eastern Europe.