Breed:Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Studs
Age:2 Years
Stud Fee:$1,000
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Updated on:3/30/2022
Contact Info
Name:Tasia J.
Location:Benjamin, UT 84660
Fully Furnished F1b Cavapoo Stud, /- Curl Coat Weight- 11 lbs Height- 13inches OFA Testing Heart Normal Patella Normal Coat Color Genetics Furnishings- Fully furnished F/F Curl Coat- On copy of Curl coat will produce wavy/plush coats E Locus- ee K Locus- kyky A Locus- atat D Locus- DD B Locus- BB Saddle Tan- ll S-Locus- Ssp M Locus-mm Toby was born and raised right here at Pawsitively Perfect Doodles, we kept him back because of his unique genetics, perfect structure and amazing temperament. He carries only one copy of the curl coat which I love and prefer in my cavapoos, is BB so he will produce the teddy bear look black points always. He can throw true tri color with black and tan points and carries one copy of the S Locus for parti or white abstract and tuxedo markings. Stud Fee $1,000 Does not include cost of shipping please inquire for pricing Contact Tasia 801-691-9741