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Wolf/husky pups

Breed:Wolf Dog Puppies
Age:-57 Days
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Updated on:1/12/2019
Contact Info
Name:heather f.
Location:Woodlake, CA 93286
Drakoshark22:Hi, contact me at jastabs387@gmail.com I have a bunch of questions. thank you
nakkitta:All families wishing to adopt from us must have a stable life style
VivianeC:Hi, I’m looking for a mid content wolf dog to be my companion on a cross continent journey would you be willing to sell one of your upcoming males to me, even though my situation won’t be perfectly stable?
nakkitta:Hello, we do not currently have a litter but will hopefully early 2018
twu2110:Hi, I was wondering if your puppies are still available. The one that I prefer is the center puppy in the picture with 3 pups and the fence. Thanks
NEW LITTER OF WOLF/HUSKY PUPS NOW 2018........We are expecting a litter of exotic looking beautiful Timber wolf/ white arctic wolf and siberian husky mixed pups. Pups are good with children other dogs and ours are family raised with 2 chilldren and we have over 17 years experience in raising these wonderful loyal companions. Please view our web site for pictures upcoming litters and more information. we are accepting families to get on our picks of the litters list now for 2019 litter