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Siberian Husky mix Timber and White arctic pups

Breed:Wolf Dog Puppies
Age:-96 Days
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Updated on:10/4/2016
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Name:heather f.
Location:Woodlake, CA 93286
SterlingSilv3r:Very interested please get in contact with me here or via email. SterlingSilv3r@aim.com
James0926:These are not real wolfdogs. If youre going to pretend to have wolf dogs then make sure the pictures you post dont have the one thing that wolfdogs dont have. ITS IMPOSSIBLE FOR WOLFDOGS TO HAVE BLUE EYES. You make me sick.
WE HAVE A NEW LITTER COMING 2017 We have over 16 years in raising the beautiful Timber and White Artic wolf mixed with the Siberian husky. Our pups have between 35 and 65 and the rest is Siberian Husky. Please view our web site for more information and pictures of our huskies and past puppies.